Espresso Spoon wave
Espresso Spoon wave
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Price £87.60

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Our site is dedicated to CaRRoL BoYeS functional art.  We can supply most of the Carrol Boyes range, please contact us if your product is not listed on this website. We deliver to the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.   

Welcome to the new-look LadyGrey website and enjoy your online shopping experience with us. 

LadyGrey (formerly Pewter Lady) started out in 2003. It all started with a beautiful appreciation for Carrol Boyes Functional Art. 

Presenting design which is elegant, efficient and sustainable, Carrol Boyes comprehensive online catalogue is fashionable and glamorous.   

For ultimate Carrol Boyes there's Pewterlady.  Gift deliveries all over UK.

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